A Closer Look at an 18th-Century Suit

This magnificent red silk velvet suit from the 1770s had been in our Fashion Timeline exhibition for the past several months but, we recently took it off exhibit. The textile is a remarkable textured velvet and it is  trimmed with silver embroidery and sequins.

Man’s velvet suit, French, ca. 1778, KSUM 1995.17.174 a-c.

As I was undressing the mannequin I was amazed again at the particular way that 18th century men’s suits were constructed. I snapped a few quick pictures as I was working so I could share.

Sara Hume, Curator


6 thoughts on “A Closer Look at an 18th-Century Suit

  1. At last!!!! The first excellent backside of 18c breeches I found. With a lot of space so gentlemen can sit down or ride a horse comfortably. While many patterns focus on the front, it is actually the back that matters. Thanks you.

  2. Are those metal buttons on the right-hand-side of the waistcoat there to pretend the metal buttons are used, showing because the waistcoat is always open a little at the top?

    • Yes, it looks like there are buttons but no buttonholes on the top of the waistcoat. I assume those buttons are decorative to look like the waistcoat is gallantly unbuttoned at the neck.

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