Shoes in the Fashion Timeline exhibit

We’ve been photographing the accessories on display in the Fashion Timeline exhibit. This is the first time many of the shoes and hats are being exhibited and it gives us the opportunity to bring the objects into the studio to properly photograph them.

Green and peach brocade shoes. European, 1780s, KSUM 1996.58.143ab

Satin mules with ribbon trim. French, 1900-20, KSUM 1991.48.12ab

Black leather and grey twill boots. American, 1920, KSUM 1996.58.147ab

Red brocade shoes with turned up toe. French, 1930s, KSUM 1983.1.1691ab

Brown and  black leather high heeled pumps. KSUM 1955-65, KSUM 1989.81.11ab

We’ll be back next week with photographs of hats!
Joanne Arnett, curatorial assistant


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