Not-so glamorous

Sara Hume, Curator, sorting files in her office.
Sara Hume, Curator, sorting through files in her office

When student workers began bringing box after box of old files into her office,  curator Sara Hume knew she was in for a long week. Old records, including guest lists, budget estimates, fax cover letters and transmission receipts, exhibition-announcement post cards, personal itineraries and email, and various other documents important to the daily functioning of the museum, have accumulated over KSUM’s 25 year history. Through the 80s and 90s, perhaps as a result of changes in staff, unclear policies regarding records archiving, or just lack of space, many large boxes of file folders ended up in the guards’ room at the Museum. Sara has been going through these boxes page by page, deciding what needs to be kept and incorporating the relevant documents into existing binders for each exhibit. The overflowing box at Sara’s feet in the above picture is one of the “trash” piles!

-Lauren Kutik, assistant to the curator


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