Behind the scenes at the Museum

Here at the Kent State University Museum, we have been batting around the idea of publishing a blog for a few months now. Of course blogging is the latest must-do trend for museums – facebook, interactive kiosks, twitter – you name it, our museum is following the countless other institutions diving into these latest forms of social media. The recent popularity of these fora for engaging the public makes a justification seem incidental. However, I feel that a blog has tremendous potential to supplement and enhance the information that the museum can provide to its visitors.

A segment of our collection of dresses from the 1920s hanging in storage.

The KSU Museum has traditionally presented slick, polished exhibitions featuring carefully researched and edited labels accompanying the objects on display. This presentation of the collections serves a critical educational purpose, but conceals many aspects of the museum’s operations which are fascinating if sometimes less photogenic. In fact, the goings-on behind the scenes can be as interesting and educational as the carefully crafted public image of the museum. This blog is intended as a means of sharing with the public the process and the thinking behind the scenes.

Sara Hume, Curator


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